A small hatchet will remove large amounts of wood quickly. Michael Dammer loves his locakble Opinel and uses embers from a fire to make the bowl. I carry a tough bag – made by Duluth’s Frost River – in which I stow a whittling knife, a curved knife for carving the bowl, a pencil, and when I remember them, work gloves. It’s small enough to carry around me on multi-day trips. As mentioned above, a sturdy tool wrap can be useful too, as you can use it to protect your body when carving. When I find a suitable piece of wood, I lash it to my seatpack or fork bag.

  • I am a chef as my occupation, we have owned the Strawberry Cafe for 14 years and I have cooked for 29 years, professionally.
  • These are tools I use nearly everyday some of the time and rarely (left – I hate the tools in this box, mostly. Except the Millers Falls drill).
  • I added the textured background, just like on furniture carvings.
  • I would never use varnish on an item that was going to be in direct contact with my food.
  • On longer trips, you may want to add a knife sharpening stone too, as a sharp knife is a safer knife.

I’m sure I’ll graduate to a fully sanded spoon at some point, but I’m currently focused on experimenting with different styles of spoons. When you feel that your spoon is finished wipe it down with linseed oil to protect it. The linseed oil will harden slightly, and prepare the spoon for years of use.

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It need not be detailed, as this outline will only be used to create the spoon blank. Drawing a profile of the spoon you’d like to carve from the side view on the block of wood is also useful, but not necessary. Cut around your spoon to shape the handle, and remove bark from the underside of the bowl. Andrea Cortés is an architect by training but, above all, a carpenter and woodworker. She is the founder of Barcelona Wood Workshops, a project in which, in addition to producing furniture and objects, she offers courses and activities to learn how to work with wood. For anyone who wants to explore a wood carving technique, connect with their hands, and develop a new skill.

To shape the inside of the spoon’s bowl, you can use a hook knife or the gouge. For my first spoons, I hollowed the bowl with a gouge (mine has a No. 8 sweep in the Swiss-made numbering system). Just as with the straight knife, you want to use your body and hands in such a way that you can cut efficiently, without having the tool’s edge land in your flesh. Treeline offers only the finest wood carving tools and supplies. Everything from Treeline is backed by our 30-day guarantee against any defects. We have been providing wood carving tools since 1997 and we strive to excel in customer service and quality products.

Now The Bowl

The US is home to about 950 native or naturalised tree species. That said, the Trees of Wisconsin Field Guide IDs 101 trees and claims most of them are native. Steve Schuler is a professor of English at an Alabama liberal arts college and an amateur woodworker who works almost entirely with hand tools. You don’t have to round over the end of the handle, but it looks nice. If you must, you can drill a hole in the end for hanging, but most people keep their spoons in drawers or canisters. Tung oil also makes a nice hard finish if you want something natural with gloss.

Good crooks are harder to find than it might seem. Sometimes I find crooks here and there in fallen branches when I’m walking. Sometimes I’ll come across a bunch at a time where trees have been trimmed or from treetops in recently logged areas.

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To keep your hands out of harm’s way, work at the proper height with the cut angled away from your body and into the chopping block. This was such a fun experiment, I love how there are so many different ways to get the same results. The spoon rest I was making had an odd shape and the spokeshave would not fit. I http://woodcarvingonline.com/ did this for the spatula I made and it was actually a great way to remove a ton of material before final shaping. This is an advanced technique, but if you are careful enough, it’s a great way to remove a ton of material. For the next experiment I tried to carve out the bowl using a flap disc on my angle grinder.

We can become more sensitive and can increase respect for all walks of life by personally experiencing as many of these walks as we can. If all of us learned to work with our hands, all of us would have more respect for others who work with their hands. If the spoon is thick enough, you can drill a hole through the end and thread in some nice paracord, or a piece of leather, as the finishing touch. I made my very first spoon on a memorable winter bikepacking trip in New Mexico, during two nights sat around the fire.

While it’s possible to carve virtually any type of wood given the right tools and techniques, some are easier than others to learn. Since this is spoon carving for beginners, let’s try to keep things easy. Advice for others wanting to carve, try and find what you want to carve. Then buy sufficient, high-quality tools for your purposes. If you spoon carve, a sloyd knife, a hook knife, a carving axe, a stump, a mallet, and good sharpening tools are all you need.

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As the handle thins down, you will feel it flexing beneath your tools, and you may feel you are going to break it. If the spoon survives the process of its own making, it will survive for many years in the kitchen. Melanie Abrantes Designs rents out products, teaches workshops and produces events. She also teaches private classes from 5-10 students for wood carving and spoon carving in her studio in Oakland,CA or remotely at different locations. Please contact her at if you or your company are interested in any of these services. In this course students will be carving their own spoon out of locally sourced wood.

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This Youtube video with Dorset-based Adam Hawker is one in a series of recommended films by Zed Outdoors on spoon makers and their carving processes. The images below show a collection of beautiful spoons made at Finca Palugo. We perpetuate these injustices by the way we live.

Class: Intro To Chair Making With David Ray Pine (6 Days)

I have an appreciation for complete hand tool workmanship. As a final step, apply a food-safe protective finish to the smoothly sanded spoon. I used a small drum hand sanding attachment for a rotary tool, a 1″ diameter 80 grit flap wheel and the small Dremel sanding heads to sand the inside concave dish of the spoon. Remove small bits of material until you begin to form a small divit. Keep removing material digging out wood closer and closer to the outer wall of your spoon.

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